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  • New Style Drop ✨ Luxe Lasso

    New Style Drop ✨ Luxe Lasso

    Telling you now about a new style that is just launched on the website, this is our Luxe Lasso, with a "lasso" around the ankle... And this is a, first...

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  • New Style Drop ✨ Emma

    New Style Drop ✨ Emma

    Learn about the details behind the new Emma style that has the new Slim SoftSurround System™ for comfort embedded inside, and hear how this beautiful silhouette will make you feel. 

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  • New Style Drop ✨ The All Occasion Heel

    New Style Drop ✨ The All Occasion Heel

    Hey guys! Next up in our awesome shoe drop is our very eagerly awaited, super excited about this, All Occasion Heel. And so what we have here is a graceful,...

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  • Some news!

    Some news!

    Lots of New! New patented Slim SoftSurround System now embedded into all shoe silhouettes for supreme 360 Degree Comfort + new styles and more via our new production partners in...

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  • The Catalyst Boot

    The Catalyst Boot

    I'm excited to share with you the style that began it all for the idea behind Antonia Saint NY.    When I was walking to the HQ of the first...

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