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60 Percent of People Have Two Different Sized Feet

60 Percent of People Have Two Different Sized Feet

We often think of feet as a perfectly matching pairbut having two different sized feet is actually more common than not. According to industry research, roughly 60 percent of adults have one foot that is bigger than the other. Typically, this isn’t a problem, until we try to find shoes that fit well and are supportive for both feet. 

“Generally speaking, no two feet are identical,” says Ettore Vulcano, M.D.Chief of Foot & Ankle Surgery at Mount Sinai West and a member of the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society. “The majority of people have one foot that’s both wider and longer than the other. It would be most appropriate to wear separate sizing for each foot, but usually people must cater to one foot or the other [when it comes to purchasing footwear].” 

Wearing shoes that don’t fit one foot properly can cause serious issues, but most often, we don’t have any other choice outside of buying two pairs of the same shoe, which is both costly and unnecessarily wasteful. When developing Antonia Saint New York, founder Antonia Saint Dunbar knew that this issue needed to be addressed. That’s why each pair of Antonia Saint New York heels and flats can be purchased with split sizing, including three different widths, for the right and left foot.


Why Are My Feet Different Sizes? 

The human body isn’t perfectly symmetrical. Put your hands up next to each other and you’ll notice subtle differences in the length and curvature of your fingers. The same goes for your feet. Elizabeth Cody, M.D., Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City says, "People might have different sized feet for various reasons related to how the body develops and grows." Additionally, physical traumathink: breaks, sprains, or bone spurscan cause one foot to change in shape or size, while the other stays the same. 

Are There Problems Associated with Having Two Different Sized Feet? 

Cody says that a larger foot in and of itself won’t typically cause issues, but problems arise when one foot is stuffed into a shoe that doesn’t fit. She explains that it’s more dangerous to wear a shoe that is too tight rather than too loose. If your shoe is overly snug, injuries and deformities can form. “Examples of these problems could be a painful bunion, or a bunionette [a protrusion on the outside of the ball of the foot].” Metatarsalgia, pain under the bottom of the foot, is also common, as well as general swelling and irritation anywhere the shoe constricts. 

How to Find Shoes for Different Sized Feet 

Very few brands accommodate the majority of the population who faces this issue, but if you look hard, you can find one in particular. Antonia Saint New York offers split sizing via their customized fit function on their website which gives you the option to choose the best foot for your left and your right foot (both width and length) separately when you purchase a pair. Purchasing custom-made shoes from other brands is possible as well, but the cost, which runs in the thousands of dollars, is often prohibitive. Your best best is to find a brand like Antonia Saint NY that caters to you and your specific needs, and not settle for anything less. 

With a Best Fit Policy that honors free exchanges within 14 days, you can find your perfect fitfor both feet!and experience the supreme cushion of Antonia Saint New York shoes. Try a pair for yourself.