Returns & Exchanges


The first production run of Victoria High Heels are scheduled to be shipped out in late December 2017 and our Jane Autumn Flats are scheduled to be shipped in late February 2018. We will share an update immediately if we hear of any changes to this delivery timeline.


Return / Exchange Policy

We have a 100% Fit Guarantee Policy. We will exchange your shoes to find a better fit until we get the fit right, and your feet are happy! Again, because we are offering the Custom Fit service where we will have your unique Fit Profile on both of your feet, we will have your measurements. We are creating shoes that fit you and your feet, and the unique individual that you are.

If your measurements fall within our standard sizes in the three different widths we offer, and they are returned unworn, or only worn inside and on carpeting without any marks, we will easily be able to offer a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

If however, we hand-create a customized shoe for you, we have a 100% fit guarantee where we will take your shoes back and re-make them if the fit isn't quite as you'd like.

If for some reason, you decide the shoes simply aren't for you, we would be able to process a partial refund or exchange the heel for a flat. We will have the partial un-refunded amount saved in your account as a credit towards a future order of another style.

The reason why it can not be a full refund is that we do have to pay the workers who created the customized shoes for you, and we do have to pay for the materials which we use to make the shoes. As the company will be shouldering the shipping and other operational costs, we want to ensure that we have a sustainable business to serve everyone well, and for years to come! We hope you understand this mission and will find this fair.

We believe strongly in finding the perfect fit for you however, and we are dedicated to making you supremely happy. So again, we would like to fit these shoes to your feet and give you shoes that you will love.