Victoria High Heel 2.0

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Created to be a gorgeous, classic shape to compliment absolutely anything in your closet, our heels softly hug your feet with a hidden and patented SoftSurround System™ so that you feel supreme cushion with each step. This embedded technology is why many who wear the heel say it "Looks Classic on the Outside, Feels like a Sneaker on the Inside."

Instead of sacrificing beauty for wearability, or accepting the pain of beautiful, but hard and unforgiving shoes, we have carefully re-engineered our heels to give you the high-quality support you deserve. Because after all, You Can't Break Glass Ceilings with Glass Slippers (ie., hard shoes!), and we've got lots of glass-breaking to do!

Each shoe includes the most refined technology, design, and fit with this 2.0 Version, such as:

The Patented SoftSurround System™

    • Cushioning on the tops of the toes, back of the heel and sides of the foot
      • Insert support technology that provides dual-layered foam support throughout
        • Triple layer cushion under the ball of the foot (absorbs 2x body weight)
          • Cushion at the base of the big toe
            • Tri-Arch Support System - lateral (outer), medial (inner) and transverse (ball)
              • Deep heel cup for stability
                Superior Construction
                  • Hidden stitches to prevent blisters
                    • Deeper toe box for more room around the toes (even with a pointed toe shoe!)
                      • Reinforced toe for longer wear
                        • Durable rubber outsole for flexibility and shock absorption
                          • Superior materials to conform to the shape of the foot and increase durability
                            • Patented Ballistic Nylon heel (so no more nicks!)
                              • Stronger heel tips for longer wear (lasts 5x longer than the rest)
                                • Embedded exoskeleton to hide all technology and ensure highest cushioning

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