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New Style Drop ✨ Luxe Lasso

Telling you now about a new style that is just launched on the website, this is our Luxe Lasso, with a "lasso" around the ankle... And this is a, first of all, gorgeous silhouette - it has a sweetheart topline, making the tops of the toes look extremely beautiful - and it also has a sharply pointed toe. However, a nice, roomy toebox, and it has the same SoftSurround System embedded into the tops, sides and backs of the heel.The ballistic nylon patented heels, so no more nicks. And you will also find reinforced outsole to help keep up with you and the rigors of your wear. And this is now launched on Antonia Saint NY website, so check it out and let us know what you think.Several fabrications are there and more will be added, so if there's anything that you are loving, or that you want to see more of, always feel free to be in touch with us at and on social media and the website Thank you!


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