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Antonia Saint NY

About Us

Hi Comfort Lover - We Created This for You! :)

How many times have you stood in excruciating pain from a gorgeous pair of heels, and to even walk one block without stinging pain seemed an impossibility? Well, after years of frustration with every shoe brand in the market, I began to think of ways to change the construction and design of our most beloved shoe styles.

On one of my many walks to my previous company's HQ (where I also designed and patented new product solutions), I was most often wearing one pair of shoes that could get me thru a full day and night (despite having so many others that were cute/NOT comfy!), and I started to dream of a better way. A way that would keep us more present to what we were actually doing and becoming, and not on how much pain we were from our shoes! It also bothered me that shoes were not made more sustainability, and with simple adjustments to make them endure longer.

I knew I wasn't alone, and knew that this was a problem that most shoe-lovers were having.

So I created the now-patented SoftSurround System™ for all of us.
I'm so glad we've now found each other, and that you're here! We have a lot more in store for all of you, and if you have any questions for us, or things you'd love to see, please let us know!

- Antonia Saint Dunbar - Co-Founder/Chief of Design

Antonia Saint Dunbar

creates solutions for women and others who need them, and most often, within industries dominated by men with minimal innovation. For the first company she co-founded, THINX,* she led the design and wrote the patent for the period-proof underwear, while also doing all operations of the company as COO for many years.

The idea for Antonia Saint NY came when walking to the THINX HQ in NYC and feeling pain in her feet from her shoes. Similar to when she was co-creating THINX, it was her father’s DNA as an industrial designer that came alive inside. She started to think of all the ways she wanted to change shoes to make a better functional product that was still beautiful, but one that actually supported the foot, instead of only looking pretty.

Fast forward to 2024, the brand is now officially launching with a Slim version of the patented SoftSurround System™, in addition to new production partners in Spain and a plan to take on every essential shoe style we need. 

Called a “Feminist Genius” by the press, and nominated to Women 2.0’s “Top Founders to Watch,” Antonia has been singularly focused on the women's shoe industry to create products that address both form, and function.

*Fun facts for THINX: THINX became #17 on the Inc 5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S., CNBC’s “Most Creative Companies of 2018”, TIME Magazine's “Top 25 Best Inventions,” Entrepreneur's “Top 100 Most Brilliant Companies”, and Fast Company's “Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World”.


Antonia Saint NY

Far too often, beautiful shoes are hard, and they hurt. At Antonia Saint NY, we believe that you should be supported in feeling as great as you look, so you can be busy fulfilling your destiny and not be distracted by something as simple as pain from your footwear.

That's why we make essential, classic shoe silhouettes that feel soft on the inside, so you can keep 100% of your mind present to your life, and focused on fulfilling your dreams.


Focus + Planet Care

We believe strongly that modern industry needs to change to be actual protectors of our future and not be the biggest polluters and destroyers of our natural resources. While we are focused on creating solutions at Antonia Saint NY, we are also aware of our impact on the earth, and your support by buying our shoes helps to make a difference not only for you and your feet but for the planet that we all share as well.

We are doing our part by:

  1. Working with more sustainable, long-lasting materials and construction, and always  seeking the best materials and innovations in this space.
  2. Focus on product longevity so that we can make fewer, better things to provide everyone with the solutions they need that will be with them for years.
  3. Pursuing production methods that will be gentler to the earth, and create less carbon footprint.
  4. We are working to be carbon neutral in whatever ways we can.