Everyone needs an essential pair of heels and flats that goes with everything and looks gorgeous. But most of the time, these hurt. And they don’t last. That’s why at Antonia Saint NY, we make an essential heel and flat that looks classic on the outside, and feels like a sneaker on the inside.

Nothing compares to the beautiful, classic shape of a well-designed high-heel or flat. That's why we thought of all the ways we wished they would feel, and how well they would last. Then we spent more than two years bringing them to life.

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See why thousands of people have joined us from around the world!


"They feel like Beyonce could dance in these all night"

We believe you can no longer be held back by something as simple as your footwear. You can’t break a glass ceiling with a glass slipper - and we’ve got lots of glass-breaking to do! - so it’s high time to Free the Feminine and Her Feet.

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