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Antonia Saint NY

Our Tech & Materials

Made with Better, Stronger, Longer-Lasting Materials.

Patented Ballistic Nylon Design

We wrap the heels of all our shoes in this material for No More Nicks! 

Slim SoftSurround System™

From top to bottom, we've got your feet surrounded in cushioned comfort. Yes, that means even with padded straps and uppers!

Sustainable Materials

We source strong, yet supple, sheep and lamb leathers for high luxury + biodegradability, and selectively add in microfiber leathers/ultra suedes/other fabrications for soft finishes to balance out the line*

Stronger Components

We incorporate material strength and design choices for better endurance through wear and tear.

Antonia Saint NY

360-Degree Envelope of Cushioned Comfort

Our brand-new and patented Slim SoftSurround System™ has been created to surround the entire foot, from top to bottom, with a 360-Degree envelope of cushioned comfort.

No more hard and unforgiving shoes.

It is time to keep 100% of your mind focused on what you are doing, and who you are becoming, and not on any pain from your footwear.

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The All Occasion

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Luxe Lasso

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*Our company was founded as 100% animal-free, but with microfiber/vegan innovations still in their infancy (mushroom, pineapple, apple leathers and the like being new inventions that still need polyurethane/oil industry-produced materials), durability and beauty is still not assured, in addition to resource-heavy production methods and a lack of biodegradability. So while our heart remains dedicated to the ethical treatment of animals, we will be sourcing the most sustainable materials and methods to protect the earth at the current time, while keeping our watchful eye on developments in this space, to always offer animal-free solutions as well that meet this criteria above).