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New Style Drop ✨ The All Occasion Heel

Hey guys!

Next up in our awesome shoe drop is our very eagerly awaited, super excited about this, All Occasion Heel. And so what we have here is a graceful, elegant silhouette, pointed toe, classic design, on a 75MM heel, and every pair, just like every pair of Antonia Saint NY shoes, comes with the patented SoftSurround System embedded inside.

So when you look at these, you are going to see that the insert is the cue that you will be having supreme comfort as you walk. We have a recessed area for the big toe, cushioning under the ball of the foot,  area for the back of the heel to get support, dual-layered foam support thru-out, and then our beautiful, luxurious, SoftSurround System embedded in the upper part, all thru the back of the heel, sides, toes of the feet.

And as you wear these, you will also get our focus on sustainability, because we make our shoes to last longer, you will notice the reinforced toe tips, as well as our patented Ballistic-nylon wrapped heels, so No More Nicks.

We are so excited to share these with you, this is your go-to, wear with everything heel, that's why we call it the All Occasion Heel, and it comes in several fabrications, and more to come. So check it out at and any questions, you can always feel free to email us at

Thank you! -

Antonia Saint Dunbar
Co-Founder/CEO Chief of Design

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