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Return/Exchange Policy

For US inquires, please see here. For international inquires, please write to us at hello@antoniasaintny.com. International/Canada/Alaska/Hawaii orders please visit our exchange/return policy here.

With our Customized Fit ability, you can return one shoe for an exchange and keep the other that fits and feels great! If you need any help with discovering the next best fit, please reach out to us and one of our fit specialists can assist you. For instance, sometimes you do not need to go up a half size, you can simply go up a width to get more room around the toes. Similarly, if one shoe is too loose, too wide or too long, you can send back that one shoe for a smaller length or width. Reach out to us at hello@antoniasaintny.com for fit help and you can also start your return here.

We need to receive the shoes back and inspect them first before we can mark your return as acceptable. The timing can vary due to shipping and receiving delays. You should be able to receive a refund within 15 business days, and if you have any questions, please reach out to us.

If you feel the best solution would be to receive a smaller or larger size, we will happily take your unworn shoes back and we will resize you for an exchanged pair. You simply need to notify us within 30-Days of delivery and then send them back to us with a postmark before or on the last day of that window. Start your return here.


All shoes are available for faster delivery timelines with a variety of shipping rates available at checkout.

Yes! Antonia Saint NY currently offers International shipping from our fulfillment center. International shipping cost will be calculated and display in your preferred currency, including all shipping costs from our warehouse in the U.S. to your selected international destination, as well as any applicable duties and taxes imposed by the customs and revenue authorities in the destination country.

Yes! Just enter the the address of the person you'd like to have these sent to when you are going through the check out process.

We ship everything via DHL, UPS, USPS, FedEx, depending on where you are shipping your shoes to, and what service works best. We also offer expedited shipping.

We will send you tracking information via email as soon as your item ships, and you can also keep track via text if you select that option at check out.

Shipping in the USA is free for orders over $200. If you buy any of our shoes in the rest of the world, and your order is split in two shipments, then you may have to pay for shipping twice. For example, if you ordered a flat and a block heel, and the block heel still has an estimated shipping date later than the high heel, we would send you the flat first with that one shipping fee built in. Then when the block heel shipped, we would send that to you as a separate order once it is ready, and we would be in touch to charge shipping charges.

Yes, any applicable duties and taxes imposed by the customs and revenue authorities in the destination country must be paid by you at the time of check out.

Placing Orders

For some styles, you need to select a right and a left shoe size for each pair of shoes that you drop into your cart. If you want a slightly wider shoe for the one foot that has a bunion or is always feeling tight in your "normal" shoe size, then you can do that by selecting two different lengths, and/or two different widths. You can also take the Fit Quiz if you would like some guidance on sizing, or reach out to us and we will connect you with a Fit Specialist who can help.

NOTE: Please make sure to select color BEFORE SIZE otherwise you may lose your size info once you change the color. Double check your cart to make sure the correct size you are expecting is listed. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

As long as you place your order before 2 PM EST and select that expedited delivery method during checkout, your order will ship out that same day for next day delivery. If you place the order after 2 PM EST, please call or email us and we will see what we can do to help rush the package or give you an update. You can also receive tracking info on the confirmation page so you can keep watch as your shoes make their way to you. As for other shipping options, you can do 2 day or 3 day delivery for an additional fee as well.

Yes! Affirm and Afterpay allows you to pay 3 or 4 easy payments over 3 or 4 months so that you can space out the payments.

You can pay with Affirm, Afterpay, Paypal or any major Credit Card.

This is not offered at this time. We will add this in the near future.

For some styles where you have the ability order a separate left or right shoe, you may have only ordered one shoe because we allow people to customize their size, and split sizes in the same pair. You can easily go back into your cart to order the second shoe in the pair. Just look at which shoe is in your cart (right or left?) and then select the shoe that will compliment that size. You will see left is on the left, and right is on the right. Add your size and then click the smaller blue button underneath that says "buy only the left shoe" or "buy only the right shoe." Then you will see both shoes in your cart.

We offer the ability to customize your fit (60% of us have two differently sized feet, sometimes we have a bunion, or a "bump" on one foot but not the other, etc.), so you can order a separate left size and a separate right size. They will show up as two items in your cart :)

Finding the Best Fit

We offer a large array of sizes, from 4 to 13 US in half sizes, in addition to three different widths, Standard/B, Wide/C, and Wider/D. We also offer customized sizes, where you will receive a split shoe box that allows for two different sizes if needed (because 60% of us have two differently sized feet, we allow the ability to "customize your fit".) You can easily first choose the size that you normally wear and start there, and with our free exchanges and easy returns, you can send back shoes to get to the right fit. You can also take the quick Fit Quiz on the Find Your Fit section of the website. Or, if you would like to share more info about your particular feet, you can always reach out via the email below to connect with one of our Fit Specialists.

You're not alone - 88% of us are actually wearing shoes that are too small for our feet. Think about how your heels or flats fit you now. Do they often feel tight around the toes? Do you feel like you are often overflowing the tops of your shoes, or the topline (front) of the shoe curve is cutting into you, and that's where you get blisters?

If so, you may have a wider foot, and you will want to order a C or D width. Or, do you feel like you often slip out of shoes at the back, or that you often have too much room around the toes, or you move around too much within the shoe? If so, you might have a narrower foot, and you can order a B and you can also order the heel grips.

With our easy return/exchange process, you can always order one size to assess fit and then send back to try another size as an exchange. You can also order two sizes, and you can mix and match as needed, and send back what doesn't fit. As for sneakers vs. heels, sometimes choosing the smaller of the two sizes you normally wear can work.

For example, if you wear a size 10 in sneakers, you may like a 9.5 in our heels (order down a half size for the flats regardless as those are cut larger), and you would just have to find the width that feels best for you. We find this can be the case because the technology within the shoe has so much tolerance (supreme cushion that softly surrounds the foot that the foot can press into), and it envelops the foot quite nicely, preventing any sensations of tightness that might occur otherwise.

If you have questions on your particular fit once you receive your shoes, reach out to us.

All you have to do is select a different size for EACH foot in the drop down menu on the website that is below each foot. Once you select two different sizes, it will show you a pop up asking you to confirm that this is what you want to do. Confirm that you do. You will then get your customized size in the mail to try on.

When the fit is right, you should feel a soft *HUG* of soft technology around your toes and the sides of your feet. You can learn how to test the fit here. You should definitely feel the technology, and that it feels soft around your foot, and bouncy and plush underfoot. As your day goes on and your feet likely swell, the technology will continue to conform to your foot and will continue to feel soft.

The shoes and the SoftSurround System technology will conform to your feet the more you wear them. If you have ordered the widest width we offer and you still feel like they could be slightly roomier at the toes, you can also take them to a local shoe cobbler and they can speed up the stretching process for you by stretching them over a period of a few days. Once the shoes have been worn and stretched however, we can not accept them back.

There are things that you can do if the fit needs a slight adjustment, such as placing a heel grip in the back at the back of the heel if the heel is slipping, or stretching the shoe for a wider toebox if that is needed. If you feel the best solution would be to receive a smaller or larger size, we will happily take your shoes back for an exchange for another size as long as you are within the return window listed above.

With our insert design and overall technology, it is a much better choice than a typically hard and unsupportive flat or heel. Our shoes give you cushioned support while still having a beautiful shape on the exterior. We consulted with a leading podiatric surgeon to make sure that most every pain point was covered, and we created our shoes with the wide variety of foot shapes in mind. If you are most comfortable in an orthopedic shoe, we would suggest choosing the flat so that you can get a beautiful classic shape on the outside with the closest sensation to an orthopedic shoe.

Health Questions

Absolutely! That's part of the reason why we created them, because nearly 25% of people between the ages of 18-65 years of age suffer from bunions and 67% of those over the age of 65 have bunions.

These facts are also part of the reason why we are offering our fit quiz so you can find your best customized size. We also offer the ability to order two different sizes for each foot. You can order a wider width for the foot that has a bunion, and a narrower width for the other foot that doesn't have one. Or, if both feet have them, just order up a width. The superior cushioning in our SoftSurround System also ensures that your feet will be softly surrounded so you will be able to have a beautiful shoe that is also comfortable.

Yes! Because of the way the insert technology and overall design has been made, the SoftSurround System will conform to the shape of your foot, either with a flat foot or a high arch. It will give you a much more cushioned experience than any other heel or flat you've experienced.

Our SoftSurround System gently hugs the entire foot, and is designed in such a way that it gives your foot room to expand as the day goes on. The key here is getting the best fit from the very beginning so that the proper amount of expansion needed would already be in place.

At this time we don't fully customize the height of the arch, but our SoftSurround System has been made to softly support the arches (we do actually have three arches in each foot, and we address all three!), and to conform to the shape of each foot.

Shoe Construction and Shoe Care

We have lots of plans, and you can be assured that whatever we make will be a solution that is needed, and not simply to create more stuff for this planet. We are focused on creating essentials for everyone's wardrobe and for their life, and we are also dedicated to creating products that respect our earth and its resources. We will update all who join us as a customer via the VIP newsletter list with the very first announcements as they come out.

As for the reason behind creating the pointed toe first, we wanted to tackle one of the most beautiful and classic shoe designs, one that goes with anything, from sweatpants and jeans to miniskirts and even bathing suits. It's also the style that has given many owners trouble in the past due to poor fit, construction and comfort.

The way a proper pointed-toe should fit is that the point lies comfortably ABOVE the ends of the toes, so the toes have room to fit underneath. The vamp, or curved front part of the shoe, should rest comfortably across the top of your feet, and not cut into you. Underneath your foot, you should have cushioned support, and also surrounding your entire foot. Our shoes happily have all of this!

As for the heel height, our Version 2.0 Victoria High Heel has a height of 3.5 inches. However, it feels much lower due to the SoftSurround System design, insert technology and overall design. We have been told that it doesn't even feel like a high heel at all, but like a sneaker inside, and that's why we say "looks classic on the outside, feels like a sneaker on the inside," because so many people were saying it felt like a sneaker. We do have plans for lower heels in the future, so be sure to sign up on our VIP newsletter list.

Our flat has a platform of almost an 1 inch, so they are not completely flat because we know our feet need some lift when walking on hard surfaces. Our flats are immensely comfortable for all types of feet, unlike other flat shoes you may have owned in the past.

Our shoes use an advanced material made of microfiber leather that mimics animal collagen, but is stronger and lighter, and more sustainable to the planet. It is 100% animal-free. The type of material we have selected for our premier designs are called French Calf Microfiber Leather, chosen for its excellent stretch and supple finish.

Our outsole is a rubber composite that is made for flexibility, durability and shock absorption.

The overall patented SoftSurround System is made up of three parts. The Upper Cushion Support System means no more pain on the toes, no blisters, no friction, and it has side cushioning for comfort. The Insert Support Technology has cushion at the base of the big toe, triple-layer cushioning under the ball of the foot (it actually makes your foot rebound as you walk, and helps absorb the impact of 2.5x your body weight coming down on the ball of your foot when wearing a high heel!), dual-layered foam support throughout for 200% more cushion underfoot than a regular high heel), a deep heel cup, and a Tri-Arch Support System to lift and support all three arches.

The outside of the shoe is also unique. There are hidden stitches to prevent blisters, a printed label for softness against the foot, a deeper toe box for more room, superior materials, ballistic nylon-wrapped heel to prevent nicks, stronger heel tips that last 5-7x longer than others, a reinforced toetip for longer wear, strong outsoles made for flexibility and shock absorption and, an embedded exoskeleton to hide the tech and ensure the highest cushioning.

Our heel tips last 5x longer than what you'll find in the marketplace. Our heels are wrapped in ballistic nylon which is incredibly abrasion resistant and will not nick, unlike every other heel out there.Our upper material was chosen for its suppleness an sustainability, but also its abrasion-resistance and does not scuff like a typical soft leather would.

Stay tuned and sign up at the VIP newsletter list on the bottom of the website to be the first to know!

Our shoes come with an anti-microbial treatment and can also be easily wiped down on the inside to help treat odors.

The Version 2.0 shoes have components that were made internationally from various expert manufacturers around the world, and overseen by our manufacturing partner who is based in Minnesota with a very strong factory network overseas. Our All Day and Night Heels as well as any shoes produced from 2020 onwards are made in our factory network located in Spain.

Use a soft cloth to buff out any scuffs and we like the scuff cover liquid like that found on the Kiwi website here. And pay attention to the heel tips wearing down, because depending on how you walk, and what you walk on, you will need to replace heel tips as needed. You can order heel tips on our website which last 5-7x longer than others in the marketplace, and and take to your local cobbler to replace.

As for the inserts, they are not removable but can be easily wiped down with a cloth, water and a gentle soap. Freshen with a little lavender spray afterwards :)

Company Mission/Policies

If you are going to wear a classic-looking shoe that makes you look great, it makes zero sense to have that same shoe cause you pain, to be hard, to give you blisters or have no support, etc. We have enough to think about and do, so to add pain to the mix is something we can no longer accept.

One of the first problems we're addressing is fit, because 88% of women wear shoes that are too small for our feet, and 60% of us actually have two differently sized feet. Secondly, we are addressing the problem of shoes not providing cushioned support, even though the modern surfaces we walk upon are the hardest they have ever been. Third, we are addressing the problem of construction because we have found that even the most expensive shoes can have cheap components, and even those pretty and colorful painted bottoms or heel posts can look beat-up after one or two wears.

We hope to change the conversation about our footwear, and encourage everyone to demand more from their shoes. We should have the choice of beautiful shoes that also support us in moving through life, and not just for looking pretty.

It can take as little as 20 minutes to start feeling pain from a high heel, and hard flats are sometimes no better. Most have little to no padding, are mass-produced in a "one size 8 fits all size 8" mentality, and are thus poorly fit for each individual. Often, heels are worn only on special occasions where you can be sure to sit down because the pain is so great. Instead of feeling a lack of support by our shoes, we have solved all of these issues with cushioned comfort, quality construction and customized fit. Finally, a woman can feel free to move, and stay focused on what she's saying and doing, and not feel limited by something as simple as her footwear.