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New Merch Drop ✨ Comfort Lover + Love Mama

New merch! I’ve always wanted to create merchandise for the store that shares a bit more about who we are and what we stand for, and speaks to the messages that we want to convey as a brand.

So - one of them is our new Comfort Lover T. This here is a piece of art. All of these are actually pieces of art that I created with Sam Camarro, the artist who actually did all of the artwork executions for us. And this says “Comfort Lover” because we are all, after all, comfort lovers. And this is an extra small... it has a roomier fit, but it is a fitted T, so this would be a great size that you could tuck into your jeans, tie off to the side, or tie off in the front... It has a lower length, and a nice scoop neck. And it also has the Antonia Saint NY logo in the back.
And if you do want to have something that is more of a cropped fit, we also do have a Baby-T. This is super cute! Comes in a spread of sizes, I think this one is XS/S - this would be a snug fit for me, so you could go up a little higher and maybe do that looser neckline, go off the shoulder, however you want your fit to be. You can decide which size. This has a scoop neck more close to the top, and with the Antonia Saint NY logo in the back.
And then this one, we really had a lot of fun creating. Sam did this piece, it is a limited- edition piece. This one she did completely by hand, and this one is “Love our Mamma. ” So you can see here how beautiful the ocean is coming off to the sides... such a gorgeous execution. So unique. It’s really like having your own piece of original art that you wear.
And this T is an extra small, so this would be a nice fitted sort of hang over yoga pants or shorts. And if you want a larger size that lets the sports bra show thru at the sides, you can go bigger from here, even if you are a petite frame. Just depends on how you like to style it. And again, you can twist at the front, or off to the side. Either way, would be great.
And then another original piece of artwork that Sam Camarro created for us is this Comfort Lover hat. How awesome is that embroidery?! So we worked with a excellent embroidery factory - they gave us this “puffy” embroidery execution to make it really speak to the softness and the comfort of the brand. Obviously this sticker comes off - this is just to show you this is an adjustable strap in the back. This is a nice detail too, with the Antonia Saint NY logo up top. And it’s a classic neutral color. A nice pop with that beautiful rich royal blue. And again, an original piece of artwork - nobody else is going to have something like this. Original art by Sam Camarro, an artist here in NY. Super talented and an incredible human being as well.
We are all about supporting other business owners and supporting the earth and standing for comfort. So check out the new merch online. We’re so excited to be able to share it with you. Any questions about sizing or anything else, just let us know. Yay!

Thank you! -

Antonia Saint Dunbar
Co-Founder/CEO Chief of Design

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