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Hi Comfort-Lover :)

We wanted to share with you first that there is a lot of newness at Antonia Saint NY

Hey there! Antonia reporting to you from Antonia Saint NY about all of the changes that you are going to be seeing on the website, as well as anywhere else you find us in the world.

One thing for those of you who may have been following us for a long time may notice, is that while you will still find this beautiful SoftSurround System and the sensation of it at the tops at the toes, the sides of the foot, the back of the heel, also in the straps, you will see that we now have a Slim SoftSurround System design. A patented design, where in addition to that overall dual-layered foam support underneath the entire foot, you will have a slimmer presentation of the SoftSurround System where you still have this beautiful support at the big toe, the ball of the foot, the back of the heel, all throughout, but it is a slimmer presentation, even making the technology more of a hidden effect within the shoe. So that's one thing you will notice.

Another thing that you will notice is that our fit has gotten even more refined. We are working with one of the top fit teams in Spain (where all of our shoes are made by hand), and actually one other addition there, is that our production team is one of the most seasoned production teams in the business. They are now working with us on every shoe style that is going to be coming out from Antonia Saint NY, and while they are new for us, they are experts in the industry, and they come with so many years of experience as we develop our styles with them.

So - new production partners, new fit, new styles coming, a refined technology, and in addition to that, some of the ways the business is supported, such as with fulfillment, the returns/exchange policies, those things continually get refined to better serve you better. So please stay tuned at, also on our blog and on social media where we will be sharing those updates.

Any questions, just reach out to us, and feel free to find us at or

We are so glad you are here, and we are so excited for what's ahead!

Thank you! :)

Antonia Saint Dunbar, Co-Founder/CEO and Chief of Design