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Find your best fit

Find your best fit

Did you know that 88%
of women wear shoes that are
too small for our feet?

And that there is no reliable “standard” size chart that is the same around the world? A size 10.5 from one company is likely quite different from another.


To make fit even more challenging, 60%
of people have two differently sized feet!

Yet all shoe brands make you only order one size for both feet.


Personalized Fitting Service in NYC

If you are ever in the NYC area, we would love to give you the best service which will lead to your absolute best fit!

Schedule your fitting today via the calendar below

Making shoes that fit you requires some extra work and care, but you’re worth it. You are unique, and there are no other two feet exactly like yours.

To provide you with shoes more personalized to fit you, we offer solutions in three ways:

Uh oh! If you delete, you will only get ONE shoe. Are you sure you want to do this? You should have two items (one right, and one left) in your shopping cart for each pair of shoes.



Uh oh! If you only add one shoe, you will only get ONE shoe. Are you sure you want to do this?
You will need to add another item if you want to create a pair (one right, and one left).

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